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Powers and functions of the Co-operative Service Examination Board

(1) The Co-operative Service Examination Board constituted under section 80B of the Act, shall have the following powers, namely:-

(i) To conduct the written examination of candidates for selection to various categories of posts and specified in section 80B of the Act, as and when the requisition for such examination, is received from the concerned societies;

(ii) To make all required arrangements in connection with the examination including the preparation of question papers, supervision and valuation etc.,

(iii) To conduct any other examination relating to co-operative service as entrusted to them by Government;

(iv) To call for and obtain any details from the societies in connection with the examination.

(v) To require the concerned societies to remit the expenses fees and other charges connected with conduct of examination.

(2) The Board shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the examination.  They shall be responsible to maintain the secrecy in the preparation of question paper, valuation, preparation of list of candidates to be interviewed and preparation of consolidated list to be furnished finally to the societies and any other related matters.  The Board shall be responsible for the safe custody of the records pertaining to the examinations.

(3) (i) The Board shall conduct the written examination of the candidates included in the list furnished by the societies;

(ii) The examination may  be conducted for an individual society or for a class of societies as found expedient or suitable for the purpose;

(iii) The examinations so conducted shall not deprive the right of an applicant for appearance in more than one examination, if such applicant has applied for more than one post or for more than one society;

(iv) The procedure mentioned in sub-rule (4) of rule 182 of this Rules shall mutatis mutandis apply to the Board.

(4) The Board shall collect the expenses fees and other charges for the conduct of examination from the concerned societies at the rates fixed by them with the approval of Government from time to time.

(5) The Board may issue general instructions and directions, incidental to the functions or the Board and necessary for the conduct of examination, to the societies.

(6) The Board shall frame necessary regulations rules of procedure for the proper conduct of examination and get it approved by the Government before its publication.


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