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 In respect of recruitment to societies covered by section 80B of the Act, the following procedure shall be followed:-

The Society shall report the vacancy to the Co-operative Service Examination Board and the applications for appointment shall be invited by the Co-operative Service Examination Board and the application for appointment shall be invited by the Co-operative Service Examination Board, by notification in two vernacular dailies, having wide circulation in  the area.   The notification shall include the details of number of vacancies, qualifications required for the post, age and reservation, if any, the mode of application, method of appointment and other required details.  The Co-operative Service Examination Board may collect application fee along with the application at the rate fixed by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies from time to time.  The Examination Board shall process the applications and prepare the list of candidates to be called for the written test.  One copy of the prepared list shall be published in the notice Board if the Examination Board and one copy shall be sent to the society for publication in its notice board.  The Society shall publish it in the notice board and copies thereof in the branch offices of the society.  The arrangements for the written test shall be made by the Examination Board.

The Examination Board shall conduct the written examination of the candidates and furnish a list of eligible candidates to be interviewed to the committee of the society within a period of three  moths from the date of requisition by the society.  The list so furnished shall not contain the mark secured by the candidates.

The maximum marks for written examination shall be 80 and those who secure 40% of the marks shall only be eligible to be included in the list  for interview.

Provided that in case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, those who secure 30% of marks and above shall be included in the list.

The maximum marks for interview shall be 15. The minimum marks for interview shall be 3.

The candidates belonging to the district or districts to which the area of operation of the society extends shall be awarded 5 marks over and above the marks for interview as grace marks.

On receipt of the list from the Examination Board, the committee shall conduct interview of the candidates with in two months from the date of such receipt and return the list to the Examination Board noting the marks secured by each candidates, in the interview within a period of two weeks.

On receipt of the list from the society, the Examination Board shall note down the marks secured by each of the candidate in written examination and return consolidated list with the total marks obtained by each candidate.  This shall be done within a period of one week.

On the basis of the consolidated list so received from the Examination Board, the committee shall prepare the rank list of candidates and publish the same in the notice board of the society.  The society shall send one copy of the rank list so published to the Examination Board also.  The board shall examine the correctness of such rank list and report to the Registrar, the irregularities, if any.  The list shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of publication of the same by the society.

All appointments to the vacancies shall be made by the committee from the select list so published within one moth from the date of such publication and shall be reported to the Examination Board.

Expenses, if any, incurred over and above the fees collected by the Examination Board, shall be borne by the society concerned.

In respect of societies and posts not covered by section 80 (3) (a) and section 80B of the Act, the appointments shall be made by the committee after conduction the written examination and interview as per the guideline issued by the Registrar.

In all cases of selection, except those in the executive and supervisory cadres, physically handicapped candidates shall be give grace marks subject to a maximum 10 per cent".


                                         Rule Amend

The kerala Co-operative Societies Act, 1969(21 of 1969), the Government of Kerala here by make the following rules further to amend the Kerala Co-operative Societies Rules, 1969, published under Notification No.172/2010/Co-op dated the 02nd November 2010, in Kerala Gazette Extraordinary No.1005 dated the 02nd November 2010.

In rule 182,-

(a) in sub rule (1), after the existing proviso the following proviso shall be inserted, namely:-

“Provided further that while reckoning the financial position for the purpose of classification of Societies, position of 12 month’s average of the year, each month’s position based on the last day of the month shall be considered”.

(b) in sub-rule (4)

(i) after the existing proviso to clause (iii), the following proviso shall be inserted namely:-

“Provided further that the total number of candidates to be called for the interview shall be ten times the number of posts advertised to be filled up in each category, if there are more candidates who secured not less than forty percent marks in the written examination and if the candidates who secured forty percent or above marks are less than ten times as above, all of the candidates shall be called for interview”.

(ii) in clause (vii), in the first sentence, after the words “notice board of the society” the following words shall be inserted, namely:-

“within a period of twenty days from the date of receipt of such consolidated mark list”.

in rule 183, in sub-rule (1) for the figures and words “37 years” and for the word ‘April”, the words “forty years” and the word “January of the calendar year” shall respectively be substituted.




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